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19th Oct 2020

6 Reasons: Why Content is King

Are you a  business who is selling a product or offering services?

Well then, here's a way to rock your business. Your business website is about the strategy you have adopted and according to that the content you have uploaded. And thus, content plays a vital role in getting organic traffic towards your website. Your website content is the first impression that attracts loyal and beneficial users towards your website.

Are you “content” (satisfy) with your website “CONTENT”?

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Reasons that you should require to have content to boom your website.

● Keywords engagement

Keywords are the lifeblood of a business website.

If you are struggling to rank that. Here’s the way, blogs an article section of your website has a specific involvement of your targeted keywords. Since the SEO involves the usage of keywords and it drives the organic traffic towards your website.

Quality content, blog, or article on your website drives organic traffic and along with that builds real and regular users of your website who became daily readers of your website blog.

Here's what Neil Patel survey about the Engagement metrics that will help to improve your search rankings.

● Keeps your website updated

Every business website needs to get google to index their website. Well then, your daily or weekly update on your website helps to crawl your website easily.

Your website blog can do that miracle. The blog section of the website can also create organic website visitors. And some research says that 33% of your website traffic is accredited to organic search. So why not focus on that golden egg giver.

But, are you content with your website content??

Quality and unique content on your website play a vital role in engaging traffic towards your website. Because every visitor to your websites needs informative and quality content and it makes them visit again and again for such needs.

● Increases the sharing chain

Do shares matter to Rank your website??

Oh yes, sharing of your website content can also matter a lot for your website SEO. An informative content matters in a matter that, a user visits your website and find your content useful and informative, he will share with others whom he wants to let to know and this chain will go on. Thus, your 1 visitor to your website can engage many users towards your website.

And along with your SEO Services your social media relations with your traffic also build-ups. And the relation and link between social media and SEO are not all glass clear. But, yes... It does exist. And it also provides organic traffic to your website.

“On average, the higher websites ranks in search results, the more social presence that website have”

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