Database Management

Database management is an administrative process for organizing and maintaining the data to meet the needs of the lifecycle in business. It involves determine requirement, identify the risks factors and decide the final approach to requirement.

Process Flow

Database management comprises the following flows of the process:

Data Source

A successful business operational view gathered information from various source available from data warehouse like ERP, CRM, operational system, SQL and Flat Files, Spreadsheets.

Oprational system




Flat Files,Spreadsheets


Data Flow

The gathered data from various sources should check for correction and transform the data
into the accurate model through sorting and coding. Finally, load the data into the warehouse.

A data mart is one of the subsets of a data warehouse that provides end-user report.

Data Warehouse

Data Validation
Data Cleaning
Data Transforming
Data Aggregating
Data Loading
(Extract,Transform, Load)
BI Result

Business intelligence delivers the information from the data warehouse for taking appropriate
decision in the normal business lifecycle. It involves three process namely static reports which
show already exist data, Dynamic reports shows interactive information and data mining refers
to statistical analyses for a pattern of interest.

Database Management
Bi Results
Olap Analysis
Data Mining
Data Visualization
Conclusion on database management:
Database management involves managing a data through a systematic way of a process that comprises of creating, maintaining, updating, and managing data through the software system.
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