Emerging Technologies

Emerging technologies is the trend these days.

With every passing day, new technologies are introduced in the market to meet the upcoming needs of users and also to provide them with a much convenient professional and personal life.In the case of emerging technologies, Softqube Technologies play an important role.

It is a Product based and global service provider which is quite popular in the market for

its innovative products and also reliable professional services. The company very well understands the need of customers and accordingly works in the direction to launch new products and technologies in the market. Various new technologies have been lately introduced in the market and the company has played a key role in the innovation, launch and use of such technologies.

IoT (Internet of Things)

Internet of Things is nothing but the connection of devices like cars, heart monitors, car appliances etc. to the internet. This emerging technology has undoubtedly brought the whole world to one platform, where each one of us can have access to the internet and stay connected with anyone and everyone.

While on one hand, IoT has been successful in providing users with so many benefits, it has also posed issues of security and privacy on the users. A number of cyber-attacks have been on the increasing trend owing to which people and companies are majorly focusing on cyber security to keep their data and information safe and secured.

Block Chain

The blockchain is undoubtedly one of the biggest innovations made in the market that has taken the whole internet industry by storm. Blockchain allows distribution of digital information which is not copied, and this type of technology has created the backbone of the internet. Initially, the technology was used for Bitcoin, but now the technical community is looking for its other uses.

The most amazing thing about blockchain is information held here is continuously shared and reconciled. The information available here is not stored at the specific location, instead, it is totally public and can be easily verified by any person anytime they want. Apart from this, no centralised version of information is available for the hackers to corrupt or hack. Hence users can stay relaxed of the security of their information and presume that it shall stay protected.

RFID(Radio Frequency Identification)

It is one of the emerging technologies which have been introduced in the market in the form of electronic device. It has small chip and antenna, which is capable of storing approx. 2000 bytes of data. The electronic device serves the same purpose as that of Barcode reader, and is used for scanning and retrieving identifying information. A simple advantage of using RFID device is, they need not have to be positioned specifically for use, instead it can be placed within a few feet range of the scanner and users can expect it to function appropriately. Even though the device has been available on the market for 50 years from now, but it has been just now that it can be used as throwaway inventory or a control device.

Global Positioning System

The global positioning system is another appropriate example of emerging technology which has a network of orbiting satellites that are efficient in sending precise details of position in space to earth. The signals are sent to receivers about the exact position, speed and time of different vehicle locations. GPS was introduced in the market in the year 1980 and since then continuous improvements are done in the technology to make it more usable and friendly for the users. This tracking system is perfect to be used by airlines, shipping companies, drivers, trucking firms etc. Moreover, it also guides the user to find out shortest route between two locations such that individuals can travel distances in shortest possible time.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is a combination of techniques which creates systems that can learn from the data in the environment and make predictions accordingly. This emerging technology is extremely strong in some of the fields like modern mathematics, probability theory, sets theory, calculus of variations and also dynamic systems. The algorithms of this technology cannot be fixed in advance, as the solution might vary depending on the situation. Hence programmer, in this case, has to select a broad family of an algorithm such that machine becomes capable of providing an appropriate answer to user concerns

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Artificial intelligence is a sort of technology which is used for making a computer or a computer-controlled a robot that can think intelligently like humans. AI has been developed by studying on various human minds and finding out how they think, decide, work and try to solve a problem. The outcome of the study is then used for making intelligent software that can work on its own and take meaningful decisions. AI has been one of the most important inventions till date which have brought revolution in the world of technology and also has proved to be of much use to the people.

AR (Augmented Reality)

Augmented reality is all about having live access or view to the direct or indirect real world elements which have been augmented by computer-generated sensory input like sound, video, graphics or GPS data. AR is related to the general concept of computer-mediated reality wherein reality is modified by the computer. Technology plays an important role in improving the perception of reality. With AR, it won’t be wrong to say that virtual reality has been successful in replacing the real world with a simulated one.

Big Data

Big data is the term for large or complex data for which traditional data processing application software is inadequate to use. Predictive analytics, advanced data analytics and other analytics are conducted on big data to extract meaningful data or dataset out of it.

These data sets can then be used for finding new correlations and reaching on to the final conclusion. Scientists, advertising, government agencies, business executives all of them make use of big data to cut short their data into relevant data sets which can be used for further studies.


Above mentioned are some of the emerging technologies which have really proven to be of utmost use to people and given a boost to different industries based on the market. With every industry and professional making contribution to these emerging technologies, Softqube Technologies also plays an important role. It has been continuously working to bring in innovative products in the market and provide service to customers related to it.

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