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It is our values that are reflected in every sphere of life, even in work

Say Prove Do

Diligent work is our passion, but we also believe that only work and no play will make you dull. Hence, we work hard in order to party harder. We do understand the need of working round the clock, with late nights and stressful office hours, a break is required to rejuvenate your energies and strike back in force that is why we organize various team events at regular intervals where we forget work and just chill in non-professional surroundings.

Birthday Celebrated

We consider our team members an integral part of our organisational system, hence we ensure to celebrate their birthday and make it a special occasion with the whole team.

Business Trip

As a part of recreational and team-building exercises, we are adamant on taking our team out for fresh air far from a daily schedule where every can feel relaxed. We also take the opportunity to appreciate hard work of individuals by organising an award ceremony for their sincere and hard work.

Anniversary Celebrated

The bond of the company ties the team, management and the clients all together, so we do our best every year to gather all our stakeholders and celebrate 25th June as our company’s Anniversary.

Festival Celebrated

Festivals are important to us as they are part of our historical culture, and as the culture of Softqube we put in all our efforts to celebrate these festivals to make the bond stronger with the team and our culture.

Day Celebrated

Work and business will always go on as usual, but it is also important to break the shackles of monotonousness. We do it by celebrating different days to keep the tempo of the team high.

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