Microsoft Technologies

Our company provides a range of services, which includes Microsoft ground-up application development and maintenance services.

With these support services, individuals and companies need not have to hire new staffing skills or internal integration teams to work on technologies.

We ensure to take complete advantage of the software and provide customers with appropriate solutions.

Also, innovative development techniques are combined with Microsoft technologies; to provide users with appropriate business solutions and varied benefits as mentioned below;


Microsoft technologies have helped customers integrate and optimise a variety of devices and systems. Web service solutions are easily implemented on different architecture systems easily without any sort of inconvenience.


The highly qualified Microsoft solution have wide experience in making industry-specific use of web services, tools and products.


The NET applications are efficient enough to easily integrate them with external applications and meet client requirements

Custom Application Development

We understand the needs of customers and in order to appropriately and timely meet their needs, we opt for custom application
development. Following two approaches are chosen by company for customised application development;

SDLC Custom application development

Complete responsibility is held by the company which includes analysis, design, implementation, testing and finally integration within the system.

Collaborative Custom application development

Herein company works closely with the client and their in-house IT team and collectively conduct analysis, design, implementation, testing and integration.

Steps of Custom Application development


The business requirement is thoroughly studied and feasibility check is done to arrive at a final solution.


Technical needs are evaluated and steps are taken to develop a cost effective solution.


Business experience and expertise are then combined to design and implement a suitable and functional solution.


The derived solution is finally tested and integrated into users system.

Legacy Legacy

The legacy migration application offers migration services to customers wherein legacy applications are transferred to cost effective applications to offer better
flexibility and agility to the users. We, in order to provide appropriate migration
services to customers, follows a series of steps as stated below;

Assessment and planning:

Current technology, stack, services and budget of the customer are studied to create a suitable technology plan for them.

Migration and Modernization services

Migration services are provided to help customers migrate from legacy to newer technologies. Standard based distribution architecture is used for meeting latest and stringent business needs.

Legacy to Cloud migration services:

Cloud computing experts helps customer migrate legacy applications to Windows Azure Cloud and other cloud platforms.

Data migration Services

Our Company has carried out extensive work to meet diverse migration need of customers which includes automated migration of data from wide range of databases.

Enterprise Development

We broadly indulge in streamlining operations of the business and building efficiencies that are beyond the future. Experts from our company engage themselves to cater to most difficult challenges of business without wasting much time, efforts or cost. To ensure that development is undertaken appropriately following steps are taken;

Analysis and Strategy

Planning and prioritisation of IT initiatives to achieve business objectives.

Designing and Architecture

An effective strategy is put in place to work on both current and anticipated applications.

Development and Testing

Services like designing, building and testing is offered during the development phase to ensure smooth implementation


Adequate support and help are provided to deploy solution and infrastructure in a production environment.

Enterprise transformation Services

Consultation services are offered to transform enterprise using latest architecture. It is quite effective in bringing an overall reduction in total cost and risk and increasing the business value.


We at Softqube Technologies have been serving our customers since our inception in 2009. We completely understand the needs of customers and based on that provide them with software and application development services. Following are some of the highlights of our company;

  • A team of innovative and inspired individuals
  • We are Microsoft Certified Partner
  • Very quick turnaround request
  • 9+ Years of Experience
  • 22+ Microsoft Technology Specialist under one roof
  • 80% Projects running since 5 years
  • Expertise in Hospitality, Healthcare, Education and Finance Domain
Our Achievements

We are proud to announce some of the prominent achievements this year, which would never have been possible without constant support and efforts of staff and management of the company. While this year has been fruitful, we are looking forward to achieving more targets in the coming year.

Some of the milestones achieved so far have been listed below
  • 100% client satisfaction according to our last client satisfactory audit survey
  • From last 4 consecutive year Microsoft Technology Dept. elected as a Best Depart of the Year.
  • Successful implementation of eMERS at the Govt. of Namibia
  • Glad to be part of some good product development like ORATARO and Kriya RevGEN.
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