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In order to achieve the desired result for any task on hand is it very important to work with strict timelines, and when it comes to SEO creating and implementing the right strategy in time becomes even more vital.

Softqube has always been customer centric, hence we have designed an SEO Project Time Line, which will help both the client and the company to be on the same page, as far as the achieving the results is concerned.

The details of the project timeline are Mentioned below:


The process starts as soon as the inquiry lands on the desk of Softqube. This inquiry is answered within 24hours.


Analysis plays a big part and we do our best by not prolonging it for more than 1 week. Our team of experts start the initial phase of analysis by:

  • Planning structural study of the client’s Industry.
  • Going through the complete site map of the client’s website to know the health status.
  • Preparing the Audit report of existing website.
  • In order to develop the project plan, understanding client’s need and services is the next step of action.

1st Meeting

To get clarification and avoiding confusion and misunderstanding we arrange a meeting in the second week and the agenda on the list is:

  • To understand the product and services offered by the client.
  • Study market competition.
  • Identifying target region based on geographical segmentation.
  • Identifying target audience based on case to case basis.


An ongoing activity of vital importance carried out every third week from its start-up period. The activity includes:

  • Finalisation of keywords with the help of available tools, using experience gained from the competitor’s analysis.
  • Identifying second level keywords or Long Tail Keywords.
  • Identifying generic and targeted keywords based on geographical location.
  • Brand specific keywords identification.
  • Prioritising keywords based on client requirement.

2nd Meeting

This meeting would be held in the third week with the following agenda:

  • Decision-based on Strategy discussion, the scope of work and finalising line of items.
  • SEO service sign off with preferred package.
  • Gathering required access for start SEO Activity.
  • Shared Check List for Line Of Items and Set TimeLine.


This activity will start from the fourth week to the 7th week and then every third week until the end of the project after the gap of two weeks in the following manner:

  • Prepare Title and Meta description for Landing Pages.
  • Locally Optimised Title and Meta Tags.
  • Website Content Management and SEO friendly.
  • CTA – Call To Action plan management.
  • URL Rewriting with Location based hierarchy if required.
  • Website should be Mobile friendly.
  • Inquiry Form should be easily navigated.
  • Implement Schema Markup Language.
  • Site Speed should be less than 3-5 seconds.
  • pass Content through Copyscape and Keyword identifying stuffing Issue.
  • Do proper internal link building.
  • Social Sharing and Integration.
  • Google Analytics and Webmaster Tool Integration.


This activity starts from the seventh week until the end of the project timeline.

  • Quality link building process is discussed with the client.
  • Directory submission an important step.
  • Social media sharing.
  • Scheduling content management and sharing strategy.
  • Classified submission.
  • Social book marking.
  • Branding through strong profile buildup.
  • List your business locally.
  • In-bound and Out-bound link building strategy.

Social Media

This important activity of today’s generation starts from the seventh week and continues until the end of the project. This activity reaches the maximum number of people.

  • Here starts the creation of company’s profile and profile management.
  • Post schedule and management.
  • Campaign or trend management.
  • Google review and sharing.
  • Group submission and post management.

Bi-Weekly Meeting

Meeting and discussing with the client at the bi-weekly meeting keeps the process and project in line. The meeting is proposed every alternate week after the 5th week till the end of the project. Where all the important
points can be discussed.

  • How to improve traffic on the site.
  • Improving goal conversion ration.
  • CTR figure updates.
  • Bounce rate management.
  • Competitor analysis.
  • Current keyword ranking in major search engines.
  • Phone inquiry and direct inquiry updates.
  • Conversion rate update and management.
  • Discussion on the next 15 days strategy.

Many SEO projects fail due to the expectations being unrealistic about time and result achieved. Softqube’s project timeline is a way of measuring all the activities in sync to the timeline making sure of the positive outcome.

With this timeline, clear transparency is created between ourself and the client – he is aware of what will happen next and when it will happen, giving the client exactly what they want in the defined timeline.



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