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6 steps that we follow to bring top rankings (100% Whitehat) for any project

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Onsite Review and Technical Audit

Audit helps you decide the right path; it saves your valuable resources i.e. time money and energy. The audit provides you with a complete analysis of everything that relates to your website’s search visibility.

The audit is the process that guides you to achieve the desired results based on certain specific guidelines and criteria. Audit helps you to overcome technical issues by providing technical analysis of code efficiency, indexing issues, crawl rank and page load time. It helps in fixing 404 errors, 301 redirects and incorrect canonicalization. Not all these may seem important but they play a crucial role in website performance.


In-depth Keyword Research

A practice of identifying the right phrases, which the people while searching on search engine use.

In-depth keyword, research is an integral component of SEO activity when done appropriately provides the guideline for execution and design of website and content development. In-depth keyword research includes:

  • Google keyword planner
  • Long tail keywords
  • Commercial intent
  • Keyword competition
  • Keyword Research Tool

Competitor Analysis

SEO is all about beating the competition; it is all about the best man wins, the better you perform in terms of making yourself visible to people the better results you will get.

Competitor analysis becomes important as it provides you with information on the tactics used by the industry and what is required to improve the keyword ranking. The insight gained by analyzing the competitors will help us know their strength and weaknesses and will help us in improving our SEO campaigns.


Link Audit and Detoxing

Backlinks Audit and Link Management Solution

Softqube technologies help you recover from a penalty and protect your website from toxic links, moreover, we help you build great new links. Our Link audit and detoxing helps you in:

  • Prevent and Recover from Google penalty
  • Prevent negative SEO attack
  • Monitor new as well as competitors backlinks

Content Creation and Link Outreach

Creating Link building SEO Content and Outreaching correctly

Link Outreach is one of the best ways to generate high-quality value links from various sources. This can lead you to the right target audience. There are many ways by which you can increase links and traffic to your site, but it takes some outreach to get your content to the right audience and this is what Softqube technologies do for you.


Monitoring and Reporting

We monitor your site’s progress, opportunities and upcoming potential trends.

We keep complete track of progress by running comprehensive reports and analyzing them. Through continuous research and development on keyword research, we design and implement the best strategy to bring the potential traffic.


SEO Services

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